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Dysport for treating patients with muscle spasm-related conditions and age-related skin imperfections is a popular brand famous in the cosmetic beauty world for its great effectiveness and general safety. Buy botulinum toxin type A to use in your clinic!

You are only allowed to buy products on this website if you have a valid medical license proving your qualification and ability to use aesthetic injectables in a clinic safely.

Basic Information About Dysport
Dysport (botulinum toxin type A based) with the maximum total dose of 300 units is an efficient injectable manufactured by Ipsen. Except for the botulinum toxins, the product also contains human albumin and lactose, so it is crucial to talk about the patient’s allergies and individual sensitivity to make sure the product won’t affect one’s health.

Typically, Dysport comes in a vial in powder form dosages from 300 units to 500 units. Before the treatment session, it is mixed with a special solution to prepare it for the administration session. If a correct injection guiding technique is used, and a medical expert is indeed a professional, adverse reactions should be minimal, and the results should last up to six months. The durability may vary based on some individual characteristics, such as age, skin condition, environmental peculiarities, etc.

Indications for the Injectable
Dysport injection sessions can be pretty practical for both medical and cosmetic spheres, so here we would like to discuss this topic in more detail. Usually, the recommended dose for the treatment starts at 10 units (0.1 ml) and is increased based on the individual needs of a person; only the doctor can prescribe and change the recommended amount of the solution.

Upper limb spasticity (also known as cervical dystonia) and lower limbs spasticity;
Spasmodic torticollis (this condition is characterized by the unusual position of the head and shoulders);
Upper and lower limb spasticity caused by cerebral palsy (helps to improve walking in pediatric patients);
Blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm (blepharospasm – uncontrollable blinking; hemifacial spasm – face ticks).
Aesthetic Medicine
A given treatment session with Dysport is perfectly suitable for the following cosmetic zones:

Frown lines on the forehead;
Glabellar lines treatment (small wrinkles between the eyebrows);
Crow’s feet correction (tiny lines in the eye corners);
Lines around the mouth and in the lip corners (it doesn’t belong to the traditional Dysport usage but is still used for this purpose in some clinics).
The total dose administered under the skin should be calculated before the injection, and sequential treatment sessions should be performed at the interval of three-four months not to let muscle relaxants wear off from the organism entirely. If you want to repeat Dysport treatment, talk with a doctor first.

Contraindications to the Procedure
Even though Dysport is believed to be a safe product with minimal clinical symptoms after the injection session, there are still certain limitations that should be considered prior to the Dysport drug therapy:

Allergies to any component in the injection composition;
Lactose intolerance;
Wounds, irritation, or skin damage in the target spot;
Lambert-Eaton syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, acute myasthenia gravis, and other chronic diseases;
Pregnancy, breastfeeding period;
Age under 18.
In case you had negative reactions during the previous treatment, talk about it with a medical professional to change the procedure plan and maybe pick another brand for skin rejuvenation purposes.

Possible Adverse Reactions
As we have already mentioned, the initial treatment of Dysport is safe and doesn’t cause severe adverse reactions after the administration session; however, skin sensitivity is still a thing, so we have to inform you about the most common side effects you should expect after this product:

Local muscle weakness (it is usually temporal and disappears in a week);
Injection site pain and increased sensitivity in general;
Injection site reactions (redness, swelling, itching, etc.);
Headache, nausea, etc.
All negative side effects after the Dysport vial should be gone in a week; if not, it is better to get in touch with a medical professional to discuss possible reasons for it and treatment options. Inform the doctor about severe adverse reactions in case you notice any (severe allergies, excruciating pain, muscle laziness, etc.).

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