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We are a Saxenda liraglutide injectio. We have many years of know-how and experience within the aesthetic beauty industry and we offer aesthetic fillers and other medical devices at competitive prices to licensed clinics worldwide (BTB). The new trend among clinics is that they typically buy 70% from the local official distributor (To receive marketing support, courses, etc.) and 30% as parallel import – to maximize their profit and increase the bottom line.

All products are 100% authentic

Due to our large volume business, we obtain very competitive prices and we, therefore, offer UP TO 40-60% discount on the products – compared to the normal price official distributors offer. We have more than 1.800 active clinics buying from us. All products are 100% authentic from original manufactures (from within the European Community) and we ship daily with DHL Express and EMS Postal Service for North America and China.

Please note that we only sell to companies in the aesthetic industry and not private individuals.






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